An eclectic group of people, unrenowned, not special, gathering together. It’s hardly a note-worth event. People are ugly, people are smelly, people check their manners at the door when going on vacation. Cruises happen every day. Nearly 100,000 people a year trek through the Caribbean to visit the Yucatan Peninsula. It’s a common, well traveled route.

Out of Miami, the OceanStar luxury cruise liner makes its very familiar, uneventful journey from Florida to Mexico . They’ve promised excellent Caribbean weather and island hospitality the entire way there. Shuffle board, movie theaters, open bar along with a plethora of ugly Hawaiian print shirts, OceanStar hopes to ensure an eventful, enjoyable experience to all their customers. Hoping to stay true to their motto: “OceanStar, the best the sea has to offer!”

The rooms are large, the food is fresh and the company is relatively pleasant. So far, it’s looking like a cheery, sunny break from reality. Great! Just what the doctor ordered.

Ship 1

Scion, Into the Unknown

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